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"Mahesh Janmanchi

M.Sc.,Chemistry (Gold Medalist)"

Chemistry-the science of matter- is a complex subject to many students as it is not properly imparted at school level where a physics teacher deals with physical science i.e., both Physics and Chemistry. Moreover a chemistry student needs to remember so many things. But many a students overlook this fact.To cater the needs and to solve the problems faced by the chemistry students, I take all these facts into consideration, at CHEMISTRY CREST.

My way of dealing the things includes- preparing the student in application and analytical methodology i.e., giving in-depth synopsis of every topic with analysis, number of assignments for practice with solutions. Later, practicing test papers so that student can analyze his depth in the concept. My endeavour is meant to sharpen the minds of students taking Foundation course (which normally starts from 6th standard) to 10 + 2 where the student takes on various entrance examinations at State and National Level, including the prestigious IIT Entrance,AIIMS and all kinds of Engineering and Medical entrance exam.

CHEMISTRY CREST provides different sections for different courses like Engineering, Medical and Foundation where every course contains different topics which consist of synopsis, assignments and solutions, test papers and solutions and previous entrance exam papers with solutions. CHEMISTRY CREST takes care of your distinguished career and provides you the valuable information of the various entrance examination dates and patterns and modules of tests from time to time. At CHEMISTRY CREST syllabus of every course starts in the month of June and mostly ends by December. Assignments, Tests, Previous entrance exam papers follow from January onwards. Pay regular visits for updates. Get benefited to the brim. Make the most out of it. Spread it to all your well wishers. Put forth your doubts/suggestions through mails. CHEMISTRY CREST will try to answer them at the earliest.